Tor des Géants: leg 7

The finish of the Tor is in Courmayeur, back where it all started. Runners have covered there 48 km with 2880 D+ since leaving Ollomont and 330km with 24000 D+ since leaving Courmayeur. And we have intermediate times in Saint Rhemy and Bonatti.
Let’s see what we can learn from this first stage. What are the fastest times this far?

Fastest Times

Fastest times in Saint Rhemy:

Karrera Iker 64:20 (2013)
Perez Oscar 65:08 (2013)
Colle Franco 65:46 (2013)

Fastest times in Bonatti:

Karrera Iker 68:22 (2013)
Perez Oscar 68:56 (2013)
Colle Franco 70:21 (2013)

Fastest times in Courmayeur:

Karrera Iker 70:04 (2013)
Perez Oscar 70:29 (2013)
Colle Franco 72:05 (2013)

Fastest times between Ollomont and Courmayeur:

Hamelinck Wouter 8:40 (2010)
Jouneau Pierre Henri 9:07 (2010)
Gazzola Marco 9:12 (2011)
Pelmont Francis 9:18 (2012)

Fastest times between Ollomont and Saint Rhemy:

Hamelinck Wouter 3:23 (2010)
Pelmont Francis 3:36 (2012)
Mongiovetto Mikael 3:46 (2013)

Fastest times between Saint Rhemy and Bonatti:

Hamelinck Wouter 3:05 (2010)
Pica Massimo 3:33 (2013)
Jouneau Pierre Henri 3:35 (2012)

I was absolutely flying in this part.

Fastest times between Bonatti and Courmayeur:

Gazzola Marco 0:52 (2011)
Saroglia Mauro 1:24 (2012)
Jouneau Pierre Henri 1:32 (2010)
Perez Oscar 1:33 (2013)
Jouneau Pierre Henri 1:35 (2012)
Gonzalez Fernando 1:35 (2012)

Blame it on Isa that I am not in this list. And there is someone that likes hammering that downhill.

Saint Rhemy


Only two people did not become finishers after passing Bonatti (Marco Gazzola and Stéphane Couleaud).

The strange shape in 2012 is because the race was stopped in Saint-Rhemy due to bad weather after the first runners passed.



Some plots to help you predict how long it will take to get to the next aid station with timing.

I am sure that you can deduce a reasonable estimate from that.

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